Bathroom Interruptions

Discussion (9)

  1. Lee Jay

    Happened to me twice with different firms. In both cases, a scheduling question that they knew the answer but didn’t want the client to be upset with them.

  2. bowl 'em down

    It happened to a secretary at one of my former employers. The boss went looking for her and yelled her name through the bathroom door: “Jenny, are you in there?”

  3. RamaFan

    I had to do this to a boss since we had a client so instant on finding and talking to him that they were getting belligerent.

  4. Tim

    We had a client that requested a phone to be installed in the accessible stall in the men’s room at their new office building so he wouldn’t miss any phone calls or if he needed to make a call.

  5. Eric

    I too had this happen at a previous firm. My reply was really?!….

  6. Phlox

    I can hear when people are typing while on the phone (rude). Nobody wants to hear what’s going on in a bathroom. Gross.

    • Arrow

      Thats known as multi-tasking… and is important in making the “cut to the bone” fees to work.

  7. Central Standard

    Following the cartoon, one turn to the right will eliminate any future interruptions.

  8. Frank

    That one actually had me LOL.