Big Print Jobs

Discussion (8)

  1. Tim

    No the worst is when the prints are not set to rotate correctly and all of them have an extra foot of of blank paper that has to be trimmed off.

  2. Sarah

    No… The worst is when you send a big job out to the print shop, and when it comes back… The wrong layers were turned on.

  3. Tony

    I’d be happy if, just once, I could wander over to the plotter and see my prints sitting in the basket rather than a flashing light because no one has loaded a new roll of paper.

  4. Tim

    Or they do not stay in the basket because the basket doesn’t work and they are all out of sequence anyway.

  5. Rebecca Retired

    Before I retired my “cell” was next to the plotter and I was the one who had to reload toner, reload paper, fix jams, and copy stuff for the boss whose nervous hands would not hold the paper square to draw in….I have lived every cartoon in here!!!!

  6. DrafterJ

    Plotters. The bane of us all. They never work right, they are always out of ‘something’ and they cost us fortune in lost time, wasted paper, and gifted prints. Because the bosses dont seem to like money.

  7. Phlox

    The worst was back when plotter pens were literal pens with inky nibs that had to be cleaned out at the bathroom sink and individually refilled and reset. That was my first internship. Then there were the stinky blueprints and reverse sepia prints, mylar cuts, trimming large plots on the floor, and staples that don’t go all the way through. The only skill I still use is folding binder strips.

  8. 4putt Nothing more needs to be said. The worst of the worst with an assembly spec for each print. For the youngers, almost a sheet of Mylar for each current “layer” in cadd to overlay, register and then repro. Even Einstein could screw that up come print time! Draw on everybody!