Making Up Time

Discussion (6)

  1. J

    Seriously!? That’s absurd! So, I still have to “make up” my time even if something I learn becomes useful for a current or future project?

    For better or worse, this has never happened at a firm I’ve worked for. “Lost time” for in-house continuing education and product education should be part of the cost of doing business and any firm that docks time (and pay) for employees taking advantage of it should be ashamed of itself.

  2. bowl 'em down

    All product presentations that lasted more than 5 – 10 minutes and all CEU presentations had to be scheduled during our lunch hour, and couldn’t run past 1 p.m.

  3. Cadalot

    My old company used to run these in a lunch time and provide the sandwiches – dare I say it we also ran a weekly CPD course when we were learning Revit

  4. rep

    As a rep myself, I have seen this situation happen all too often. This comic had me laughing for a good long while as I shared it around the office… Thank you! haha

  5. Riss

    So far I’ve never had a company that didn’t credit this time toward either your “current project” or in-house continuing education. That’s absurd if companies do that.

  6. structuralarchitect

    The company I work for usually holds things like that during lunch. We don’t get product reps in except for lunch and learns. But they also have “optional” ie mostly mandatory meetings that they expect us to donate our time to. I think everyone just charges that time to whatever project they were working on when they got interrupted by the meeting.