Structural Steel Design Books

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  1. Chynnie

    Hahahahaha, I still have mine too. Nice one.

  2. Joe

    Ah, the 9th edition ASD “Green Book” and the 2nd edition LRFD “Silver Books”- The Spec and tables, and the second for connections…

  3. James

    I use “Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings” to raise my computer monitor up another 2.5 in. I don’t think it’s been opened in a decade.

  4. Mark

    The most valuable reference book I have and still use is the AISC Steel Manual Blue Book. Info found there that’s been missing from every later edition

  5. rekleiner

    Just recently passed the ARE Structures exam… I think it’s time for a bonfire!

  6. DrafterJ

    I believe my HVAC text book is currently holding up a corner of my couch…

  7. arch!tect

    ^^you people have some $hitty furniture…

  8. Yosso

    The books would bring some cash on eBay.