Manufacturers’ Specifications

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  1. J Peter Jordan, CCS

    Suck it up and hire a real spec writer, CCS-certified by CSI and a member of SCIP.

  2. NV Architecture

    Oh Mr. Jordan– I’m sure everyone would love for the office that they work in to have a spec writer, but how often does that actually happen?

  3. SMF

    Lets hire a spec writer and not a competent architect that can take the crap-for-spec’s reps give and have him sit on his hands for 90% of the work week. Like that is going to happen.

  4. RLGA

    The same “competent architect” that prepares all those perfect drawings? Like that’s going to happen.

    • FLiT

      Well, Architects cost less and can do more. And seriously, a spec writer in a small-med sized firm is really a part time job, maybe 5-10 hours/week. Now maybe if it was a spec writer/cadd manager/drafter it might be worth it, but then you would probably just hire another Architect.

    • FLiT

      That said, I wish I could hire a spec writer.

  5. dscwmitchell

    It’s not their job to write your specs. If you want to use the product, incorporate it into your specs, if not, use something else. Besides, just about any product’s specs are available on the company website, so why are you even contacting the LNL rep about it?

    Just my .02.


  6. Central Standard

    What was the matter with the one you used on the last job?

    • J Peter Jordan, CCS

      There are two potential problems (1) it isn’t the right section (doesn’t apply to this project like using section for plastic laminate faced doors instead of transparent finished wood veneer doors that you really want) (2) spec is out of date (specifying producers or manufacturers that no longer exist — if you are specifying ICI paint, you section is more than five years out of date). A good specifier knows what can be reused, what can be modified, and what has to be thrown out.

  7. J Peter Jordan, CCS

    I am an independent specification consultant writing specifications for a number of different firms. Go to for a directory of independent specifiers. This can be sorted by location. While this is not the same as having a “captured” spec writer inhouse, these people can add significantly to the quality of construction documents.

  8. Kat

    Our spec writer is treasured in our office. He knows everything about everything. If Google were to crash tomorrow, I could still ask him. That said, he also does all of our CA, which is his main thing. Plus he has done hundreds of hours of work making base specs for each section and keeping them updated so we then can take them and modify them for each project.