Old Red Lines

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  1. Denilson

    Your office don’t even have a scanner??

  2. SMF

    When I was an intern, one of the partners at the firm I worked at was a hoarder of redlines. Not finals, or even progress sets, redlines. His desk had “cat lady hoarder” piles of papers and rolls all over. He said the same thing, we might need to look at something later. Redlines? Really? Do you even know what redlines are for? It is like keeping a F on a quiz a senior in high school thinking “I might want to go back and see what my wrong answer was on that 2 grade quiz so I get it right on my SAT.” Stupid.

  3. Random Architect

    I’ve dealt with both types. One office kept literally everything, with file rooms that took up 50% of the total office square footage. The other office was trying to be all-digital, so redlines were tossed as soon as the drawings were back-checked, and anything that we felt needed saving was scanned. The first office was cluttered and messy, the second office was sleek and clean.

  4. RLGA

    For me, as an independent specifier and code consultant, it depends.

    I keep redline drawings I’ve made for code purposes or peer review and given a copy to clients. This way, I know what I gave them and if they come back to tell me that I never told them about something, I have these to fall back on.

    The other type of redlines are specification redlines I receive from my clients. I retain these to fall back on if the client (i.e. architect) asks me why I did or did not specify something–it was because you told me so in your redline.

    I retain the latter for five years (hardcopies only) and keep the former forever. Since I’m going almost entirely electronic, I keep everything now.