Frank Gehry

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  1. TheDude

    I hardly ever make comments, but this is too good to ignore. I worked in a Gehry building at the University of Cincinnati. That was the noisiest, draftiest, biggest waste of space I have ever worked in. There wasn’t a straight wall in any office. There was either way too little floor space, or unusable floor space. Big pillars down the middle of lab spaces. (Did I mention that this was a science research building?) The very cool looking long sweeping staircases were barely wide enough to pass somebody on, so they were a choke point. The elevators were somewhat the fault of the university’s cost saving measure. (Slowest elevator in the world!)

  2. SMF

    That’s funny. Have you seen the sketches for some of his buildings? Such as Panama Puente de Vida Museo. They actually look like literal piles of shit.
    Some of his spaces are rather interesting, and definitely unique, but that is a little like the pot calling the kettle black. He says it is shit, and when others say what he does is shit he gets mad?

  3. Phlox

    Arrogant, immature, unprofessional, and the thing colleagues will now remember about him. Aesthetic taste is personal. To attempt to inflict one’s own preferences onto everyone else is totalitarian. Hope he never runs for office.

  4. Tim

    Look in a mirror, Frank. Look in a mirror.

  5. Arek

    Fuck this, he’s the greatest! _|_

  6. rick

    What happened to “Form follows function”?

  7. Random Architect

    I agree with Phlox, I would not have expected such an unprofessional comment from an architect who is supposed to be considered one of the greatest. I have been blessed with the fortune of designing some modern homes with 100% design freedom, and I am proud to have been able to make my mark in this way. I like my own work, but I’d never call other architects’ work “pure shit”.

  8. jimmy art 4 U

    That’s it! Gehry will never read this online comic again!

  9. D

    We’re all just jealous that some crazies pay him gobs of money to design complicated, leaky piles of shit… And then they laud it in trade magazines!

  10. danielcaudy

    I agree with Phlox. Gehry is so full of himself. All the talent in his office is in the hands of those who have to make something out of the “shit” sketches he produces.

  11. rone2020

    Go Frank Go!
    What an arrogant profession Architecture is!
    If Form followed Function there would be no joy in Architecture, no surprise in exploring spaces, soulless streetscapes, no opportunity to express belief or culture.
    Your Architecture always gives pause to be excited about creativity and developing technologies to invent new forms and to feel sad thinking about the crap that passes for ‘development’ these days.
    As Architects we should feel encouraged by the work that Gehry challenges us with and that should make us question whether we are contributing to the future or just drawing plans.
    As fas I’m concerned Frank Gehry has the right to be as ‘full of himself’ as he likes – he’s earned it.

  12. DrafterJ

    Dont get me wrong, the man designed some great works of art that happen to be inhabitable, but they all tend to have some interesting quarks…

    Lets face it though folks, Gehry gets to design Ferrari’s all day, where as the rest of us design Kia’s and Ugo’s. For every one he makes, we make a thousand.

  13. rone2020

    The thing is that Gehry and other ‘starchitects’ had the balls to do things differently when they could have been designing the sort of crap that most Architects have condemned themselves to ‘design’ in capitulation to ‘compliance’. The opportunity is there for all of us to be Architects!