The 20 Best Architecture Firms for Internships

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  1. Guitarchitect

    I actually did work for one of the firms on this list and helped put together the information packet for the Outstanding IDP Firm Award for the previous round. I will say that they were very good at molding young professionals and mentoring – including lunch n learn project management seminars, early opportunities to become a project manager, furnished ARE study guides, reimbursement for ARE testing fees, bonus upon completion of ARE, etc, etc.

    The problem was that they were “too good” at getting people licensed, and they really had no plan for those after that milestone. After I became licensed, the firm was so top heavy with registered architects (10 of 17 employees, only 5 partner/principles) that there was no way that I would progress into a true leadership role for any time short of a decade. That’s when I decided to jump-ship and look for another opportunity. Thankfully, I found a great fit!!

  2. Central Standard

    O, boy… another pat ourselves on the back award….