Lunch & Learn: Grab ‘n Go

Discussion (5)

  1. swolfearch

    Yes, it is different, Peter.

  2. Random Architect

    I did it once, and the shame was so unbearable I vowed I would do it never again.

  3. dorcas

    You can’t reason with the type of person who does grab & go lunch and learns. I’ve tried. They are too far gone…

  4. SMF

    The difference is that those are “left-overs”.
    Taking it from the beginning is not only rude to the rep/teacher, but is taking the food of those sitting through the L&L. The rep may not have bought for the grab and go crowd. And, I have seen, at another office I worked at, we had a rep stop bringing L&L because too many were walking out and not staying. It cost them money to do these events and if all they are doing is feeding the office they can get their product shown by just doing a visit.

  5. quiXote

    At this point, I need the CEUs more than the free food.