Taking Notes

Discussion (4)

  1. Matt

    I perfected my signature during one meeting.

  2. rpiboy

    Some of us are just poor note takers and we’re quite greatful for those who do take good notes and put together good meeting minutes!

  3. Guy Smiley

    Just save your first version of the drawings, since 90% of the time the changes get reversed after you’ve chased every one through the entire set…

    • E

      I also take notes whether its for a meeting, or discussions with principals. How can you not. I don’t keep a daily Diary though as some of my coworkers have.
      I worked with one co-worker who had pages of notes on everything he did for the day, they kept banker boxes of their daily log’s under their desk. I think they used them to go back and ‘recite’ how they did exactly what they were told to do.
      Guy Smiley! that was my brother’s nickname, His First name was Guy