Starchitects Rejected

Discussion (6)

  1. Xiandave

    Gehry? The Emperor has no clothes.

  2. TRON0314

    IMO Daniel Libeskind has just as many if not more than Gehry. At least Gehry gives us something good every once in a while – Millennium Park, Disney, Vuitton, etc. Libeskind? Nothing.

  3. Guy Smiley

    Amen, preach it brother!

  4. Central Standard

    Who ever is doing the Lucas Museum in Chicago dropped a bomb. Totally wrong site.

  5. Ben

    But it much more grandious compared to your toilet renovation which literally pile of shit

  6. rone2020

    A lot of negativity from people who have, probably, never tried to do anything that wasn’t, lowest common denominator, marketable.
    Maybe because he is Canadian?
    Not from the country that gave us ‘New Urbanism’?
    Those Architects who can claim that they never have projects rejected are not pushing any boundaries of original thought at all.
    Pretty sad really.