Laser Measurer

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  1. Jason

    Thats how I was when I bought my own 4 years ago. Home Depot for about $90. Its accurate and it didn’t have all the crazy features that the more expensive ones have. I want to point and get a dimension, not make toast with it! Hasn’t failed me yet, nor has it ever been used by anyone else.

  2. RamaFan

    Our office bought an expensive one ($300+) about six years ago. We didn’t trust it at first so for the first few projects we would take a few measurements and then check them with a tape…it was right-on every time. Since then we’ve bought three more. Not only have they cut the price by 2/3′d’s now but they pay for themselves in a couple of trips. I can do a building in a few hours by myself that would have taken two people two days.

    Despite those facts I know some other firms that refuse to even try them out since they ‘had a bad experience’ (meaning either: a.) they have not really tired one or b.) they bought one so cheap it could not be trusted).

    Still not dice for them even when I point out that at $300.00+ you can justify that by just taking a look at that second person’s time for three projects; it’s always a savings.

  3. Random Architect

    I want my office to “reimbursement” me for mine too. :)

  4. Guy Smiley

    Now if only we could read the boss’ field notes after he uses the laser…

  5. DrafterJ

    Yep, that’s where mine went to. I figure it was a good trade considering all the art supplies I walked off with. That and the plotter…