Password Security

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  1. 6h0m3r

    The Architect’s Dream, Thomas Cole

  2. D

    For some reason, someone had long ago framed a poster print of ‘Architect’s Dream’ and put it on the wall of our office. Damn, and this one I knew right away…

  3. Ratwar

    IT guy resets everyone’s password for no reason, makes it insanely difficult to remember. Blames others when they find it difficult to remember.

    • joearch

      If you’re on an exchange server, Microsoft forces you to change it every 1-2 years. In general, a memorable password is not secure, and you want your email to be protected with a secure password.

  4. Phlox

    Oh. I was kind of hoping it was a frame from Bloom County with Opus in a toga sitting on the column eating grapes.

  5. Jerry

    ‘m sorry; remind me why it is so terribly important that none of my coworkers can access my files and email?