Christmas Decorations

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  1. curt

    no. do they really use comic sans in your office? that’s beyond horrible.

  2. RamaFan

    We go bowling every year. It used to be sad but it’s actually turned into a fun ‘tradition’….of course when I hear friends in other businesses talk about having open bars, bands, and the company giving away UltraHD TV’s, iPads, and Bose radio systems I feel sad again.

  3. SMF

    This ^

  4. Phlox

    The politically correct hand wringers at “corporate” quelled our Christmas bonuses, Christmas decorations, Christmas voluntary gift exchange, and Christmas party. Now we get an ambiguous “holiday party” in January between New Year’s and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I feel more sad every year. Be glad you work for a small firm where you can still enjoy First Amendment freedoms.

  5. Cooter70

    At a previous firm, the owner told us that they were going to take us to the restaurant at the four star resort we designed near by and had just opened up a few months before Christmas. A week later they said “well maybe will just do something here at the office”. Then another week later they said ” well maybe we should all just bring something in and have a pot luck party”. The owner provided a spiral ham for the party. Come to find out a few weeks later that the ham they brought was from a contractor that gave it to the company as a gift. They didn’t spend money on ANYTHING.

  6. Riss

    RamaFan… Young & Wright Architectural? ;-)

    Firm #1: Every day in December someone brought in a treat to pass (everyone had to choose one day). Boss took us all out for a Holiday lunch on the last day before the holiday that everyone was in (before vacations/school breaks)

    Firm #2: Nothing. The “interns” all decided to bring in our tackiest decorations and made paper snowflakes to decorate our floor and the library.

    Firm #3: When we get holiday cards they get put on the “shelf” on top of one cubicle. That’s it.