Office Christmas Party

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  1. Tony

    We have 2 office parties – one for my department and one for the company as a whole.(It should be noted that I work in the arch/eng department of a much larger organization.)

    The department party consists of lunch at a local restaurant followed by a raffle where all of the incoming gifts from GCs, vendors, and consultants get divvied up amongst us peons in the office.
    The company party up until very recently has been a buffet lunch (with the same meal for 15 years running) in the parking lot of one of our properties (under a tent), folowed by a comedian or magician, a handful of raffle prizes, and an early exit from the workday (because this takes place during working hours – no booze or spouses allowed, and you must attend or take vacation time off). I mustn’t forget the gift – always something branded with the company logo. A duffle bag, or a snow globe, or a history book, or camping chairs, or coffee mugs, or cheese board, or…

  2. Lee Jay

    I had interviewed with a moderate sized firm the day of their Christmas party held in the office. It was fully catered, decorated, real tree in the corner. Nothing left out. One of the partners was going around to the female employees with roses and champagne glass gift set.
    Didn’t get the position.
    In July, that partner retired and the following year it was bring to share pot luck.

  3. pilote

    stop whining and do something about it.

  4. Sean

    You could stop doodling comics while you’re supposed to be working and instead go bring in some work. Who knows, you might advance to a position wherein you have some pull and you may then be able to dictate the party venue and activities. Or I suppose you could continue to draw passive aggressive strips and continue to be miserable. Either way, it’s well beyond the time I stop following your comic.