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  1. Fat Bob

    The only decent way to get a pay rise is to join another company. I once increased my wage by 40% by quitting one crappy company for another. I’ve moved 4 more tomes, increasing my salary by 370% in total. I’d never go crawling to a boss cap in hand.

  2. RamaFan

    I got a decent rise the year after I got my license… of course then the government took it with a tax increase and by doubling health insurance costs.

  3. jASON

    I got hired in august at my current office. I had completed 3 of my exams by then and was told when I finish the rest, I will get 8k pay increase. Just 2 more to go!

    So, of course when I fail one, I feel the pain of paying that $210 again, plus knowing I just put off a pay increase. :(

  4. Guy Smiley

    I have 3 to go… and have failed them all once before (1 of them twice… X( )… I don’t expect anything but a bit more marketability moving to my next job.

  5. archtim

    I was at a firm where no one was licensed, not even the boss / owner. After passing all my exams (which I paid out of pocket) and getting my license, all I got was a pat on the back. Not long after I moved to my current job…adequately compensated and more importantly respected as a licensed Architect

    • Darcy

      I’m in the same position… I’m measuring my days left at my firm in terms of exams left to take. Putting together a current/relevant portfolio in between work and studying has proven to be a challenge though…

  6. E Architect

    I was one of the first to take the computer based ARE in the area back in early 1998. The testing facility was poorly set up, the test was much longer and in more sections than today, the local AIA chapter was totally in the dark when it came to this “new testing approach” and had no study materials save for some outdated stuff from the old paper test, IDP was still trying to get its act together and was no help at all, and my office did not help in any way with the costs. It really did feel like I was doing this all alone…I passed all the sections the first time – not bad. Yes – the only way to get serious raises in Architecture is to change jobs.

  7. Rick

    I was told once by a boss “When you get your license, then you’ll get paid the big bucks”.

  8. Tony

    I feel fortunate that my company acknowledges the work and effort for personal advancement. They will typically pay for or reimburse all trainings, exams and association dues. When I passed my California exam and filed for my license, I was promoted and given a nice salary bump. OH, I should say that I work in a archi-design office for a much larger, non-architectural company.