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Discussion (4)

  1. SMF

    Sad thing is when you work was done quicker and better than theirs, they shelf yours and use theirs, and then the GC says it should have been done a different way and that was the way YOU designed it! DOH!

  2. E Architect

    SMF – that has happened so many times to me it is no longer funny.

    What I really love is keeping those old drawings, notes, or whatever and coming back weeks or months or years latter and showing them that I had been right all along. It has little to do with experience and a great deal more with simple good design understanding.

  3. VADesigner

    Or, “You could have explained when you asked me to work on it.”

  4. arkipekto

    This situation always happens with my job. I swear it’s like the story of my life. :)