Success In Architecture

Discussion (4)

  1. Darcy

    I feel like most of this list is BS anyway, but that being said, I’m also doomed by #18 alone…

  2. Phlox

    A list of how to be a me-first young buck, from a pro practice professor who worked in what office(s)? Here’s my list: be honest, respectful, eager to learn, ask questions, take responsibility for your mistakes, credit others for their work, expose corruption, never cheat or take short-cuts, enjoy your work. Success as defined by integrity and honor, not fame, fortune, or title.

  3. Random Architect

    What a worthless list! Here’s my list of rules on how to be a successful architect, and there’s just one:

    #1 – find a niche in the architecture industry where the market can be better served. Fill that niche.

  4. E Architect

    I agree with the above comments – that list is mostly nice sounding encouragement to exiting students that does not play out well in real life. Yes, those a nice to aspire toward but if you read between the lines and look at what is being emphasized you can see what the profession really needs to work on.
    - Focus on your skill sets while making substantive contributions to the profession through thoughtful well reasoned design as a licensed Architect.