Construction Administration: Furnish And Install

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  1. Pack7683

    Yeah. Do plans directly for a builder/developer and he will say ‘all I need is a sketch”.

  2. KeeperOfTheFour

    I just had a contractor refer to a building section and tell me, “I don’t see any zee furring clips, you can’t screw to rigid insulation, am I missing something” (he was obviously looking for an add). I told him yes, he was missing something, please review the nine different details I have showing the zee furring clips. I don’t show all clips, nails, screws, caulking, weld joints, trim pieces, channels, angles, staples, adhesives, meshes, etc., etc. at that scale.

  3. swolfearch

    Contractors aren’t the only ones. I’ve had countless discussions with architects about the definitions of furnish, install, and provide. Face it: No one reads the specs until they’re in trouble, and then they expect to find information they didn’t give to the specifier.

  4. MinnesotaFats

    I have a friend who inserted the sentence “If you have read this far call (XXX)XXX-XXXX for your free case of beer.” into the front end of a specification. It took two years and about ten projects before he got a call. He took it out after that.

  5. numerobis

    A friend of mine use to answer that, yes, the nails aren’t represented on the drawing, but if the contractor has to furnish what is on the drawing, therefor the client must get the Rolls that is drawn in the garage.

  6. Kevin

    i love it when I hear: “I’m just the dumb contractor, how would I have known…” during construction, but during bidding they’ll say “I know I wasn’t the low bidder, but that guy clearly isn’t qualified, here’s all MY firm’s experience, look how good we are.”

  7. rone2020

    As one Builder said to me on a project a few years ago “yes, sure, ok, its in the Spec but, who reads the Spec?” Fair Dinkum! That conversation is tattooed on my brain!

  8. Converted Arch

    This is a two way street. Nothing better then reading the “project spec” and finding other project’s names and products.

  9. DrafterJ

    Minnesota, next spec I write gets that line put in it!
    Yeah, though it seems not reading specs is almost a given. Mind you half the ones I READ have something wrong in them…