Best Creative Jobs

Discussion (6)

  1. joearch

    I’d say competitions, but next week is the 10th anniversary of my last competition entry…

  2. E Architect

    Everyone talks about the two extremes, either the super glamorous prestigious project automatically destined to get accolades no matter who designed it… or the nasty toilet retrofit at the city dump facility that nobody will know about or use. It is understandable that Architects become jaded given that most of their creativity is used on things that never get noticed.

  3. Greg S

    Most of creativity goes to filling out my time sheet.

    • Wolf

      Hahahaha. That is so true, I keep forgetting to fill it in and 2 weeks later I try and figure out what and when I did it.

  4. DrafterJ

    Competition entries? Who does those…
    Im with Greg.

  5. Fat Bob

    The last time I did anything creative was to re-plan our studio so that my computer monitor faced away from everyone else.