Lost Prints

Discussion (5)

  1. DavidK

    I have seen that happen at my office. The originator often does not realize what she or he did, and the giant set of minutes sits by the plotter for all to see for some time.

  2. Edwin

    Yup.. been there.. I folded it, punched it & I guess it’s still in a file somewhere..

  3. Cass

    This just happened to me the other day…printed 6 sets of a 27 page FF&E proposal.
    3 sets printed before realizing it had been sent to the plotter….

  4. PSUBill80

    Been there, done that.

  5. Random Architect

    We played a joke on one of our managers one day, by printing a newly received RFI as a 24×36 on the full size plotter, put it on his desk when he wasn’t there, and told him he had a “huge RFI” to deal with when he get’s back. We had lots of LOLs that day.