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  1. Random Architect

    Once at my small office the power went out for a day and we couldn’t get any drafting done, and hoo boy we heard it that day, about why we need to go back to manual drafting, because then it wouldn’t matter if the power was out!

  2. willdesignforfood

    …or if the “server goes down.” Years ago we went through a string of several days in a row when the server was just crashing crashing crashing, and when it did, it was kind of a mystery to everyone why and how to get it back up. Lots of down time… probably why I’m so good at hackey-sack.

  3. Lee Jay

    If you youngsters ever learned how to do a hand job once in a wile, we wouldn’t be so embarrassed when you tell a client “Wait one moment while I’ll get my laptop and draw a sketch on what I mean”.

  4. Anne C.

    Frankly, I wish we WOULD go back to hand drafting, so clients wouldn’t think every change is instantaneous and not worthy of additional services. No “just push the button” thinking. And while we’re at it, let’s go back to more realistic schedules. No dinking around with the contract for a month while our deadline stays the same and our schedule shrinks from three months to two.
    Yes, I am a bit cranky, why do you ask?

    • Jerry

      Yes! Board drafting would mean a great labor market. And yes, it’s always been that 160hrs estimated drafting time means it can get drawn in 4 weeks, and of course it should take 8 weeks to ink the deal first!!