Product Reps

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  1. SMF

    If that had been a cute female rep…Hugs all around!

    • Rick


  2. Lynn Javoroski

    Product and manufacturer’s reps who cold call are usually not welcome. The best ones, the “Trusted Advisors”, know that, and make appointments. They are the ones we go to when we have questions. They are the knowledgeable ones without whom we couldn’t do our best work.

  3. jASON

    not really my favorites when they cold call like that. Feels a bit unprofessional that they expect to be able to sit and talk. I like it when they show up to leave literature and have samples ready, but i can’t be expected to drop what i’m doing and listen to them.

  4. MinnesotaFats

    If they bring bagels . . . we’re good.

  5. Josh

    Ha, on a day I am dropping into offices making cold calls between scheduled appointments.

  6. Guy Smiley

    If they come bearing gifts, i’ll give em 5 minutes. Any longer requires lunch.

    Beer on the other hand will get you an hour+