Timesheet Excuses

Discussion (4)

  1. Catherine


    If I’m working on drawings while I’m on a conference call, I double-bill it!

  2. HTarch

    Its funny that NO ONE says not to work during your lunch break or work overtime (when you don’t have the fee to do so) but you get docked for those 10 minutes you were late.

  3. PSUBill80

    I buy the phone call, I need to think about the thinking about. :)
    How many times have I found myself pondering a project issue while in the shower and not billed it. :/

    Catherine, I split my time in that case, after all I split my attention. Made profitable use of the wasted time, too.

    You got that right, HTarch.

  4. gonk

    Some of the more elegant solutions to pesky problems and the identification of some of the more worrisome but obscure problems that lacked solutions have popped into my head in the shower. Unless it spills into an immediate email, sketch, or other effort that takes time, I don’t bother putting it on my time sheet later. When multi-tasking on conference calls or while riding back from remote meetings, I’ve often fit in some other work and then split my time between the two (similar to PSUBill80).