Credential Maintenance Program Activities II

Discussion (4)

  1. DrafterJ

    Its funny, I thought this was going to be a strip about how hard it is to keep a building running at LEED Plat standards.
    But yeah, I sorta wonder why I keep that up to date.

  2. joearch

    Occainsionally I am tempted to take my LEED AP and trade it in for a LEED AP BD+C. Has anyone noticed an added benefit?

  3. E Architect

    The ever shifting landscape that is LEED is really not worth it. The concepts behind LEED are fine but the process has slowly become more and more mired in bureaucracy. It is unlikely I will ever pursue LEED certification as I was already doing and designing that way and there are enough LEED +whatever floating around to do the clerical work if one of those rare Clients comes along who can tolerate all the added costs, documentation and paperwork. – try Energy Star Building Certification

  4. DrafterJ

    Im thinking of updating to Home. There are times I think its more ‘real’ then the BD+C lines.