After Hours

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  1. Fat Bob

    I worked with an architect who would leave his phone answering machine on all weekend (long before cell phones were invented).

  2. CWitt

    Kudos on the beer poster selection.

  3. Darcy

    I routinely get texts and calls any time after 6:30am up until 11pm, and holidays are not excluded. New Year’s day two years ago, he called and texted incessantly every 20 minutes until I answered, and I ended up working an 8 hour day. They have no boundaries.

  4. Tony

    I had an employer who was too lazy to collect any fees. As a result he was behind on a lot of his bills. Rather than collect payment and settle his debts, he gave all of his creditors my personal cellphone number.

  5. Jodi

    Whoa, I feel like I’m not alone. If it wasn’t taboo to work Christmas Day, I think my boss would require to work that day. Cause the “clients” are calling. Who calls the day before, the day of and the day after Christmas. No one!

  6. Guy Smiley

    Missed opportunity for AIA – Alcohol Inspires Architecture – reference.

    My favorite random boss call was 8 months after I was laid off, asking for my workstation password, which was actually controlled by the other partner’s sister who allegedly functioned as the “office manager”…

  7. PSUBill80

    LOL! We routinely get calls and e-mails from one of our principals at all hours, all days of the week. He needs to sneak into a closet to do it on vacation because his wife will get upset. There was a (Verizon?) commercial a while ago that showed a guy checking his laptop poolside on vacation and hiding it behind his towel when his wife comes back.

    You can tell when he’s on the road because he spends the whole road trip on the phone with one person after another.