Job Opening II

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    Many of my graduating class was like that… its great to dream but reality will crush you

  2. Denilson

    It’s probably due to your crappy office. Roof replacement or toilet make over is not an architect’s job. You know it.. But you just justify it and masked behind so called ‘reality’ of architecture world.. So sad..

    • iGetIt

      With all due respect, if there is any to be given, an architect’s job is anything that requires his seal for construction. Regardless of our role to improve the design world, architects are required to do far more than design meaningful projects. We must ensure that the building 1. Can be built, 2. Meets code 3. Is responsive to the needs of the client, 4. Doesn’t leak (hence the need for roof replacements), 4. Can be maintained beyond our lifetime…..I could go on.

      The fact of the matter is that our professional educators give us all rose colored glasses and do not ever discuss our pragmatic responsibilities in this world. That, I feel, is the largest flaw in academia.

      You can’t be a good architect if you don’t know how to build what you design.

    • Jerry

      Oh, please do tell us about your wonderful mixed-use shopping malls in Hong Kong! Take my breath away!

  3. Greg

    iGelt for the win!

  4. KeeperOfTheFour

    iGetIt, you just described by frustration with my alma mater. 90% of the focus was on getting a great design when in reality it is only about 20% (if that) of what we do as an architect. My time would have been better spent as an apprentice then spending 6 years in school.

    Now they want to merge my old Collage of Architecture with a Fine Arts College. To the interns coming out of that school, “Sorry kid, you’re not a sculptor of space, you’re a service professional, so get ready to serve.”

  5. Guy Smiley

    I’m the only graduate of a “design” focused program, among an office filled with “technical” graduates… and as a result, I have to be the driving force in the firm to pursue projects that actually have thoughtful design opportunities beyond the formulas of the “crappy office” projects that Denilson thinks are below him. It can’t be emphasized enough, especially with the slow but inevitable transition to BIM, that you have to know how the world is built in order to design in it.
    iGetIt, well said. Its these projects that have kept firms alive through the construction bust in the US.

  6. DrafterJ

    iGelt, yep. All that.
    For every Hadid, there are a thousand ‘Hubbell Design Groups’ that do roofs and bathrooms and fire exits, because they pay the bills.

  7. Random Architect

    I became an architect because I love toilet remodels. I used to dream of it, and for my graduate thesis, I did an analysis of 12 different options to renovate a toilet room at a truck stop. Now I get paid to measure up toilet rooms, ahh living the dream!