Printing Expenditures

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  1. Cooter70

    Yeah, and when you did hand drafting you had 10 drafters in a room drawing and now you have one drafter doing the same amount of work with a computer.

  2. jenn

    Ah yes. Time to return to printing one copy and bluelineing everything else. NO ONE misses that stench! (And how quickly they forget THAT manually intensive ($$$) process!)

  3. E Architect

    You may have 1 person doing the work of 10 but the pay does not reflect that.

    Improvements and advancements in technology tend to let us do more stuff, faster, more accurately, with more people, and in less time and yet the skill, training, and ability that it takes for a single person to run all of this well is not proportionately rewarded.

  4. Greg

    Please… even back in the ammonia days you knew that you it was worth only printing a few bluelines and then after that it was most cost effective to send them out. Surely the staff could come up with an in house cost to print – someone’s time, paper, ink vs outside printing cost per sheet and delivery and figure the over-under

    In my world, that’s been about 8 1/2 sheets.

  5. Flit

    Aren’t printing costs reimbursable at your firm?

  6. Darcy

    You should hear the conversations we hear just when the regular printer has an issue or the roll paper didn’t get delivered in time. You’d think we should go back to writing with nib and ink against candlelight.

  7. Fat Bob

    We never issue prints, only pdf files. If anyone wants a hard copy they can print and pay for it themselves.