End of an Era

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  1. archiangel

    Did the M&Ms/Skittles/ Reese’s Pieces in the same dish prank. Someone put a handful in his mouth during a meeting and it was great watching his face change from happy, to confused, to disgusted. He asked for a break to get some coffee to get the taste out of his mouth.

  2. E Architect

    I am not a very good person to prank. I’ve discovered I simply do not have the level of deviousness and spiteful nature to cultivate pranks. I am not naive or gullible but rather tend to trust people to be relatively decent and will take things at face value.

    In college some of the students tried to pull a prank on me. April 1st happened to be a quiz day and they turned off the lights, hid inside the room and left a note on the door saying that the class was happening in a building across campus. (The door was unlocked I was told latter)

    Taking this as the truth I rushed over to the other building only to find two other students frantically looking for an nonexistent room. Dejected the three of us went back to make sure we had understood the note correctly only to find the class open and active and with the quiz well underway.

    When we explained what had happened the professor gave the class a stern look… and said, “Well for your troubles I’ll give you three 50 bonus points (on a 100 point quiz) and that’s no April Fools”. I ended up getting 142 points on a 100 point quiz and an A in the class.

  3. iGetIt

    Not sure if it was a prank, but last year I replaced the soda in the machine with 3 types of beer.

  4. Wolf

    My fiance phoned me in tears on April 1 this year and said that her divorce never went through and her ex is claiming maintenance. My heart sank into my shoes until she laughed and called me an April fool. The relief was so overwhelming I wasn’t even mad at her. Well played babes.

  5. Phlox

    Two coworkers in my office hooked up another’s monitors to a Christmas tree light switch, which they periodically turned off and on during the day. The video is from the last prank of the day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR9cUrmfAac