Phantom Plots

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  1. RamaFan

    The ‘reconcile layers’ thing is the biggest piece of useless junk added to AutoCAD in recent memory….though you can, at least, turn it off:
    Layereval = 0
    Layernotify = 0

    • jodi

      I agree, thank you.

    • Guy Smiley

      Amen! Preach it!

      Its among the first things I do when opening CAD files…

  2. E Architect

    There are all sorts of old left over commands, system settings, control toggles that are in AutoCAD. I like to dazzle the new kids in the office by showing them a few of these appendix like bits of code. Yes, reconcile layers is useless and those that need it are not paying attention.
    Every so often AutoCAD goes back and fixes this stuff…

    Try this: Start the polyline command, select a point, now enter arc, now enter “S”…
    until 2014 the “S” command is NOT in the command line, yet it is a working command and will allow you to match an arc segment to the next two points you select – this is very helpful.

    • joearch

      Once upon a time, I actually had a use for reconciling layers – we were working in a joint venture with another firm, and were responsible for plotting, but the other firm kept on changing the layers in their model file. It really came in handy for catching those changes.
      Haven’t needed it before or since though, so an opt in rather than opt out would make sense.

  3. PSUBill80

    I hate it when that happens.

  4. Brandon

    Haha! I’ll show YOU unreconciled layers, AutoCAD.! Set your LAYEREVALCTL to zero to get rid of it for good! Now if I could just shut off these annoying help bubbles…