Multiple Annotative Scales

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  1. DavidK

    I try to get people to turn off the automatic addition of scales when new scales are selected (ANNOAUTOSCALE = 0), but most people do not think about it, until there is a problem. Other than room names/numbers, column bubbles and maybe dimensions between column lines, annotation only wants to be seen in one location, at one scale. Change your mind about the scale? Then change the one assigned scale accordingly. In most cases, you are going to have to reformat all the annotation if you change scales, anyway, so there is no real advantage to having multiple scales on most annotation.

  2. matt jezyk

    Why is this still a thing? If you were using Revit you would not have to worry about this at all. :)

  3. diane

    @ matt jezyk – Exactly what I was going to say! :)

  4. RamaFan

    I love the annotation objects…once you get used to them and use them effectively they are great…no more different scaling all your text and leader lines just because you discovered you needed a drawing at another scale…that is huge.

    BUT why show all the different scales at once? Its distracting and hard to read and use. BUT like most items…if you dig down in the many setting you can turn it off:
    Annoallvisible = 0
    Selectionannodisplay = 0

  5. Central Standard

    You use the right tool for the job. Sometimes the right tool is not Revit….

  6. mason

    @Central Standard – agreed! For example, using Revit to sweep the floor or replace an alternator does not work very well at all. (Spoken by a former die-hard CAD Manager)

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