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  1. swolfearch

    In the late ’80s I had a project that used glass block. I don’t recall the reason, but I was having trouble finding information. I looked in my Architectural Graphic Standards, Third Edition, and found four pages of details.

    • CADirk

      I have both the Architectural Graphics Standards book (tenth edition) and the Neufert 3rd and 4th editions.
      For european/non imperial unit use the Neufert books are great, the AGS was more for reference to me.
      Books like that may get old and may be outdated, but are never useless.

    • Jerry

      I think I would have called a vendor and told him to send some over.
      (Detailed commercial glass block in the 80′s. As a sub.)

  2. Random Architect

    Graphic Guide to Frame Construction by Rob Thallon is the BEST resource for traditional wood frame details. I got this book as a gift when I got licensed, and it’s still one of my favorite resources for good wood frame detailing.

  3. E Architect

    Having worked with a custom home Architect in my early years after school I have to say that those good old standard wood frame details are great so long as the people in the field actually follow them – watch them closely.