Paint Colors

Discussion (3)

  1. Tony

    Many times I have had “placeholder” concepts, sketched at a masterplan level of detail in about 20 minutes, accepted and approved by the higher-ups as a great solution to the design. Makes me think i am spending far too much of my time on pre-design.

  2. dscwmitchell

    You’ve got to go with your gut. I’ve long since stopped caring too greatly about color/material selection.

  3. E Architect

    Put bluntly in our office the Architect essentially determines the overall scope of the design, the height-width-depth, the spaces, the mass and forms, the relationships, the importance and emphasis, the manner of user flow, the interdependency of the areas, the elements of support (both real and implied), the repetition or asymmetry or balance or aesthetic direction…etc.

    oh, and the Interior Designers pick the colors.

    However the ID’s do tend to get better swag from the material reps.