No Time To Make Coffee

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  1. Ron Geren

    “The things I wish I could get away with. –Maverick”

    Like using a double negative?

  2. Archie

    I worked in an office where there was a couple of smokers who would go out for a “smoke break” about 4 times a day, at about 15-20 min each. The partners were fine with this. But as soon as I had a 5 min conversation with a co-worker, I got the evil eye.

    • Flit

      I would usually go out and eat a pear with the smokers

    • Tectonikos

      I had that issue once. A co-worker had “Be back in a minute” flashing on his Windows screensaver. I changed it to “If you need me, I’m outside smoking and not working”

      Seemed appropriate. And it got the point across. :-)

  3. Guy Smiley

    I require my newly hired minions to know how to run the coffee machine.

  4. E Architect

    For many years I would automatically take care of all those typical office issues anytime I noticed them, things like; reloading the copy machine, pulling toilet rolls on the spindle in the toilet, putting a new roll of packaging tape on the dispenser, picking up loose material samples and putting them back in order on the display boards, turning off lights at night, etc. One day my wife asked me WHY I did all these and many other things around the office. All I could say it that I felt that nobody else was nice enough to do it automatically. She couldn’t believe it so I just stopped doing it. You should have seen how quickly the place “fell apart” and very soon jobs were being assigned or rules were being added to bylaws. Apparently I was the only one out of 78 people who was nice enough to care. Oh, and I even used to make coffee even though I don’t even drink it.

  5. pilote