Discussion (8)

  1. Josh

    My bosses freaked out and got really paranoid that I was interviewing when I started wearing a tie at the office.

    I just did it because I’ve lost a lot of weight and can do so now without feeling strangled, and I like the look.

  2. Darcy

    I’m wearing capri leggings today…. I’m hiding the fact that they’re essentially gym clothes by pairing with nice shoes and a decent top. I’m still the most professionally dressed person in my office today.

    • Kaydee

      I wear legging every day, but I pair with a wrap dress so it looks more professional but is still comfy.

  3. SMF

    Me too Darcy…But I am getting weird looks. Guess a guy can’t dress to feel pretty any more. ;)

  4. tim

    My first job everyone wore a suit or sport coat with a tie. Next job it was slacks dress shirt and tie. Current job we are ‘business casual’ nice pants (most days) and button down shirt (most days).

  5. DrafterJ

    I love engineer casual. Jeans and a button down are the way to go. Except on Fridays, where sometimes I wear a tie just to mess with peoples minds. If I’m feeling extra special, I wear it with a Hawaiian shirt.

  6. Artichoke

    Frankly, I miss the days when people dressed for work. I have always felt comfortable in a suit and tie and enjoy the finery.

  7. Pete

    Our firm has an odd policy. One engineer was told to go home and change before a meeting because he’d suited up. The owner of the firm said “That’s not what we’re about”.
    Jeans and T-shirt are the standard for us.