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  1. D

    Step one: turn off ‘auto complete’ commands
    Step two: make ‘ALIASEDIT’ your friend…

  2. CC

    Yes, Revit is better. But don’t expect the complaints to stop.
    “But you can do that in AutoCAD”
    “If we were still using Microstation we wouldn’t have this problem.”

    It’s never a valid argument if they knew how to actually use Revit.

  3. SMF

    Yes yes…Revit is better….CAD is better. We get it, Apple/PC argument all over again. Not a winner in sight but the program manufacturers.

  4. DrafterJ

    ALIASEDIT. It took me 5 years to find that menu, and now that file comes with me everywhere I go… So useful!

  5. Guy Smiley

    Knowing how to edit the keyboard shortcuts is better…
    I remap just about everything to be on the left side of the keyboard so my right hand never has to leave the mouse.

  6. CADirk

    Yes, the editing of the pgp file.
    Lifesaving, shorter or single letter shortcuts for most used commands and the .250 second rightclick timed menu (shorter = enter/repeat last command).
    It takes a while to get used to, but it’s worth it.

    • Jerry

      “One of these things does not belong.”
      Take your intelligent comments elsewhere- this is clearly not the place for them.
      -Dealing with Revit garbage 2D output, and the disinformation provided by those “drafters”.

  7. archtim05

    How about the good ole…we never had those problems hand drafting….

    • joearchnj

      or the even gooder and older, you know when we were chiseling into rock tablets…

  8. Rick

    It’s times like this, that I miss pencil.

  9. Ben


    • Darcy

      The amount of time I spend troubleshooting Archicad for my coworkers tells me there aren’t any less problems just because it’s not Autocad.

  10. Victoria

    Try setting INPUTSEARCHDELAY to a higher value (default is 300ms), if you don’t want to disable AUTOCOMPLETE.

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