Early Bird Engineers

Discussion (6)

  1. Daniel Caudy

    This is so true, and they often blame it on us, even though we gave them backgrounds three weeks before they needed them!

  2. Daniel Caudy

    Oh, forgot to mention, their clocks are always set three hours ahaead!

  3. bk31

    It’s all a ruse! They probably have the send delay on their outlook set to look like they’re working early or late. I honestly have to say we’ve used it a few times for, as the office puts it , for ‘perception purposes’

    • Phlox

      Oh my goodness, I can’t believe anyone would do that. The managers might need to retake their ethics training.

  4. Pete

    Electronic draftsman here. Our engineers don’t tend to turn up until 9:30-10… We tend to get more done in the early hours.

    • Dru

      Same for us architects. I usually come into the office a couple hours early to get things done sans interruptions. Typically I get the same done in those 2 hours of just cranking on work than I would during the typical 8 hour day.