Remembering AIA Convention 2015

Discussion (3)

  1. Guitarchitect

    I’ll have to say that it was a great time being with so many talented people (including yourselves Joker and Maverick…whoever you are!). It was my first convention, and though my CEU courses were a bit underwhelming the new friends and cool places I experienced we totally worth it. Hope y’all enjoyed Atlanta.

  2. SMF

    Panels 5 and 6 are so true. We have Modularart wall panels in out office and it never fail, someone walks in and the first thing they do is touch the wall. Then they ask “is it hard to keep these walls clean?”. If in a particularly snarky mood, we will say “Nah! The next person to touch it wipes off all the touching from the one before. They practically clean themselves! Here’s your sign.”

    • Wolf

      Love the Bill Engval reference!