Proper Scale

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  1. Phlox

    I know! And when I need metric, all I can find is Imperial, and when I need Imperial, all I can find is metric.

  2. CADirk

    I really can’t relate to this at all.
    Mainland Europe, metric system only. Whenever I need to measure something from a drawing, I prefer the 1:1 scale rulers, conversion from scales like 1:5/10/20 etc. are done faster in my mind than trying to figure out how a scaled ruler fits on the drawing and going from there.

    • Przybyu

      Same here… I’ve never used scales… Apart from scratching my back or as a paperweight… The 1:1 rulers and conversion in my mind on the run… Takes more time to find proper scale than to calculate it…

  3. Central Standard

    My experience is you first look on the boss’s desk….

  4. Nextvkin

    We don’t have this problem in Australia, it’s all metric. In fact our engineer give us free 150mm scales – with their company name & logo of course.

  5. jacktopus

    lol my boss only uses “rulers,” not scales… and he claims I know nothing…