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  1. Tim

    And yet they will mention the contractor.

  2. MinnesotaFats

    I have noticed that for years. Any project written up by the mainstream media gives credit to the contractor, developer, city council members, etc. . . .but never the architects.

  3. PSUBill80

    …and if the Architect gets mentioned, there won’t be a word about the Engineers. :/

  4. CHP

    It’s part of the sixth phase of a project:

    1. Wild enthusiasm
    2. Disillusionment
    3. Panic
    4. Search for the guilty
    5. Punishment of the innocent
    6. Praise and honors for the non-participants.

    I’ve been through all six phases many times and I always wonder, “Who are these people?” when attending the grand opening and mentions are given for the people who “…made this project possible…”

    • RamaFan

      Too true…

  5. RN

    There’s an exception to that rule – if something goes wrong the architect is mentioned first and foremost…

    • ncmyk

      Exactly! architects getting mentioned in the news is never a good thing anymore

  6. nextvkin

    ….unless of course you’re Frank Gehry;-)

  7. LEO

    Better than being on the news because your contractor screwed up and created a mess