Annoying Revit Commands

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  1. yeeup

    The worst is when it will do that and the wall join command wont change how they are joined! I love revit but sometimes it can be very annoying.

  2. Kevin s

    Sometimes Revit gets confused :)

    Pull BOTH walls back away from the intersection point and try the trim/extend again. Nite they both have to move away from the intended intersection so that neither has an increased hierocracy at the intersection

  3. Kevin s

    Lol NOTE, not NITE ;)

  4. Vic Van Meter

    99% of the time, that is happening because those walls are attaching to existing walls that you’ve demoed. Essentially, there’s a “third wall” forming the other end of that T shape you’re not seeing, but to attach to existing walls, it has to be there.

    Just go into your demo sheet or a working view set to the existing plan and make sure that wall isn’t attaching anymore (there’s a little T shape icon on the ends of walls you can use to disallow the join and then you can manually match it and join it.

    That solves pretty much every encounter I’ve had of that nature with it.


    It also does that when you have a wall above that completes the ‘T’ and that does not come into view.

  6. nextvkin

    Yes revit users, we all know that, but this is just for laughs.

  7. Rick

    Uninstall Revit and use AutoCAD.

  8. Principal Architect

    This is why I just don’t understand why we need computers to draft anyway. Even though I am so far detached from all electronic drafting and plan production, coordination simplification, ease of use and reliability, I will always suggest hand drafting as a viable solution.