IDP Streamline

Discussion (7)

  1. Edward J Shannon, ArCH/NCARB/LEED GA

    What does the “I” stand for in IDP anyway?

  2. Maxx

    Don’t worry Tim you won’t lose the hours you’ve already reported, and you’ll still be able to view them in My NCARB.

  3. Josh

    I don’t think it will make any difference. It took me three years to get all of my core hours anyway. I believe that is the case with a lot of other people as well.

  4. KC

    Um, the text box in the second panel going to the wrong person?

  5. Guy Smiley

    Too bad it varies state to state now, mine still requires them…

  6. Principal Architect

    Why dont you just go back to hand drafting?

    • Principal Architect

      Oops, wrong comic. I will have to call my IT guy, they know how to fix anything with lights and buttons right?