Last Minute Vacation

Discussion (8)

  1. buzz

    I read this strip regularly, but who the hell is Andy?

  2. Ric

    Oh… Andy is one of the new interns!

  3. Phlox

    Won’t the intern be surprised when he comes back and finds his job has been given to someone else? He shouldn’t mind though, he clearly thinks employment is some kind of lark.

  4. Greg S

    >>>but who the hell is Andy?
    >>>Andy is one of the new interns!

    LOL. I have the same conversation probably 3 or 4 time a years. Who? Oh, the intern.

  5. SMF

    This ^^^

  6. SMF

    And BTW, Danielle in panels two and three looks to have had some “work” done…Jus Sayin.
    (Yeah, I am having a juvenile moment…)

  7. Ric

    That’s her elbow… Although I have to admit, I zoomed in to get a better look! LOL

  8. buzz

    WTF? Summer interns get vacation time?

    In panels 2 and 3, Danielle has been replaced by Jayne Mansfield.