Another Pointless Day

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  1. Random Architect

    My office is open tomorrow. What’s this with everyone getting the 3rd off?

  2. cadmunki

    i will be working tomorrow too. architorture.

  3. Josh

    I’ll be working tomorrow even though the office will be closed – and probably all weekend as well. I’m not happy.

  4. Fett

    100% what I’m feeling now. Fingers crossed the bosses leave…

  5. Rick

    I’ll be at the office tomorrow.

  6. Central Standard

    Generally if a holiday falls on a Saturday, then the Friday is the designated day off; or if the holiday falls on Sunday then Monday is the designated day off.

    Some 30 years ago I worked EVERY holiday but Christmas and many many weekends over the course if a year. You know what difference it made? I decided then and there I would never do that again.

    Nothing. As far as the work and my career. But it hurt me and my family. It’s not easy to set your boundaries but the sooner you learn to do that the better off you will be, including professionally.

    What’s more important work or sanity?

    • Wolf

      So true!
      How many times do we work through the night on a presentation the client suddenly needs, for him to take 2 weeks to get back to you?
      Nothing is so important that it cannot be done in office hours.
      Be firm with your clients, don’t accept unreasonable deadlines.
      We are the professionals, not them.

  7. Phlox

    Ironically, I worked every Labor Day for years until I decided that was stupid. I stayed up until 2am on a major birthday of mine to work on a drawing, and no one noticed. We used to get Christmas Eve as a holiday, but no more. I refuse to work on Christmas Eve. They can fire me first.