Interns Don’t Know Anything

Discussion (8)

  1. Edward J Shannon, ArCH/NCARB/LEED GA

    Ummmm…. We’re not supposed to call them INTERNS anymore….just sayin’

  2. Recent grad

    Everyone started somewhere, sometime.

  3. Guy Smiley

    I call them my Minions.

  4. SMF

    Just curious, what would we call them? Minion, Grunts, Cannon Fodder, Tape Holders, Lackeys…

  5. Central Standard

    Forgot where we came from, eh?

  6. JMT

    ICYMI “Aspiring Architects” #DontShootTheMessenger

  7. Flit

    We can still call them interns if they are working summers between semesters, right?

  8. rami

    This profession seems to delight in eating its young a lot of the time.