The Case For P.T.O.

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  1. Riss

    over 10 years and 4 companies into my career and 0 sick, vacation or PTO carry over from year to year without begging to the owners.

  2. cadmunki

    Paid time off?! Around here, Christmas, New Years, July 4th, etc. and any sick or vacation days are not paid. Therefore I don’t get to take many of them off…. After 4+ years of dedicated service to my wonderful boss.

  3. jacaranda

    In some states, vacation time is taxed and sick leave is not, which provides a financial incentive to separate the two.

  4. Reviteer

    been in and out of the stone age plenty of time over the last decades – getting really melancholic thinking about European benfits

  5. Central Standard

    When you get what you need out of your company, start looking elsewhere. You may need certain parts of the IDP that you have not received in other offices or in your present place of employment.

    If they can / won’t provide what you need whether IDP, benefits, project types, responsibilities, money, etc. after non threatening discussion, move on. No one is looking out for you except you.

  6. robert johnson

    We just converted to PTO. Between vaca and sick, I have over 400 hours. Only 240 will be allowed to carry over by end of the year so I have every Friday off between now and end of Oct. So far, I’m watching a lot of TV on Friday

  7. wally

    I had one office with the most archaic vacation policy:

    You only earned vacation on January 1st. Period. How much vacation you earned on Jan 1 depended how long you’d been with company. 12-9 mos (10 days) 9-6 mos: (5 days) 6 mos and less (0 days). On Jan 1st you LOST previous years vacation and started over.

    We had a young female intern who would have had 5 1/2 mos on Jan. 1st. She had this big vacation in Europe just planned with her parents for Christmas. I had to explain to her that she did NOT have any vacation. In fact she would NOT have any until Jan 1st of the NEXT year.

    She basically called me a liar and went to the office manager, who explained just the way I had. She lost it! Boo hooed all day. One of the hard ass partners came in from a meeting and asked why she was crying at her desk. Office Manager explained and intern was called to partners office. She continued to wail in his office.

    30 mins later she comes out. calls office manager in. 30 mins later we had a new vacation policy. All other staff was MIFFED! However, we ended up not making a fuss because we all ended up benefiting.

    We gained PTO and started accruing monthly on top of what we had that day. and could accrue more than 10 days.