Monday Measure Up

Discussion (7)

  1. KSUDrummer

    My experience of late has been the owner will provide the original building drawings, but not the drawings for the 5 remodels since so that the originals are marginally useful.

  2. Deep South

    Yep – original drawings are such a tease !!! usually too many renovations have occurred to help much

  3. iGetIt

    In my experience, original drawings are only 50% truth. Two words will resolve any issues with measuring discrepancies or weird angles: laser scan.

    • joearchnj

      three letters do a better job of resolving that: V.I.F. (unless the client is willing to pay for a laser scan, then it’s a different story).

  4. joearchnj

    I’ve come to view existing drawings a corroborating evidence, nothing more, nothing less. To many walls not plumb, too many cases where the drawings are the bid set, not the as-builts, or even when they are the as-builts, inaccurate.

  5. Tim

    Existing drawings are a good start but you still need to go verify what the existing conditions are.

  6. SMF

    First, welcome to the 21st century, here is your laser measure with area and angle calculation ability.

    Second, existing drawings only slow things down in my experience. The production staff takes all this time trying to redraw the plan only to find that it is 10′ shorter in one directions and 6″ in the other, the angles are off etc. and they say “It would be quicker to draw from scratch.”

    Third, if you do the as-built drawings from a site verification at least there is one person that has step foot in the space and might notice items that would need attention. Such as wall hung cabinets over toilets, if the doors and hardware is worth keeping, etc.