Switching From AutoCAD

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  1. Vic Van Meter

    As someone who had to use MicroStation throughout my internship, I can say that the grass isn’t always greener. As many issues as I sometimes have with CAD and Revit, I can’t really say there are vastly better alternatives.

  2. Riss

    Every single CAD program has issues. Between my husband and I, we have used Microstation, AutoCad, Revit, ArchiCad and Solidworks. The grass on the other side is fertilized with bs ;-)

  3. DCamp

    Our office has used DataCad nearly exclusively for over 26 years and absolutely love it. The program was created by Architects for Architects and it’s ease of use beats all others hands down. We’ve been criticized for not using AutoCrap and even more recently been pressured by a client to switch to Revit. No way we’re switching to the “Dark Side”!

  4. Wild at Heart

    Well I need to chime in with Vectorworks. The best of both worlds (2d &3D) and designed to work the way an architect thinks. Amazing presentation capabilities. I have ben using it 20+ years.

  5. Jay

    We were an all Datacad office for many many years. When my life was 2D it was way better than Autocad. Now that I have Revit, I can never go back.

  6. Jorry

    @ DCamp –
    I am surprised that, even though the client requested you switch, you did not. Interesting.
    Most service firms, in my experience, do as the client(s) request usually – or they end up not having those clients.
    What was their response, if you don’t mind my asking?