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  1. Catherine

    We once named a details sheet “Sexy Details.” It made it about half way through construction before anybody mentioned anything.

  2. Zbig

    Mr. Contractor, you neglected to provide Perforated Pastry Units for the construction progress meetings as required by specifications section 01950.

    Google it up. It’s a good read.

    • Matt

      This just made my morning.

    • BadBunny1973

      What?! Referencing a 5-digit spec section??!! You know those have been phased out for years now…they took those and broke each section into multiple sections for the “all improved” 6-digit numbering system now. You know, just to make it interesting. :)

  3. Guitarchitect

    I know an Architect who once spec’d a Corvette to take him to/from jobsite meetings…needless to say, it didn’t make in the project scope.

  4. jacaranda

    … and we specifiers always love the mentions in Architexts. as for a updated number, lets go with something like 013119.35 “Refreshments for Project Meetings”

  5. Random Architect

    Once we hid in the spec book a paragraph that said if the contractor or any sub reads this section and calls the architect to mention it, we would personally deliver a case of beer to the job site (at the end of the work day of course). Nobody ever claimed it.

  6. stjacquesdesign

    today, my contractor offered a submittal to satisfy section 01950. We approved it with only minimal discussion.

    • stjacquesdesign

      Thanks Zbig!