Sheet Order

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  1. 20g

    Cover > C,A,S,P,M,E

  2. Tim

    I never understood the MEP not being Mech. Elec. Plumb. We do Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical. If you wanted to go with the argument of sequence of construction then should it not be Civil, Plumbing, Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical. Got to get the plumbing lines underground.

    • Riss

      Except the plumbing lines 5′ beyond the edge of the building are rarely in the Plumbing drawings.

    • Tim

      But the lines from the edge of the building to the location of the fixture are all below the slab which is the first structural item.

  3. Jason

    Doing residential, I haven’t had to mechanical, but I will put the architectural drawings first, then the framing/structural, then electrical/plumbing.

  4. Guitarchitect

    We do C, S, A, P, M, E

  5. CSI Spec guy

    We list them C, A, S, P, M, E as well. I believe, but can’t confirm the MEP, or MPE as others refer to them, are listed as P, M, E, to match the order that they are listed in MasterFormat. That all goes out the window for Civil though.

  6. Reviteer

    our sets are organized like a grab into the scrabble bag. frequently have kitchen, security, telco, acoustic, landscape, hazardous etc in the set. and if you ask 12 decision makers you get 13 definite ways to organize a set

  7. SpecConsultant

    I’ve always liked C S A I P M E

  8. SMF

    Structural (Something has to hold up the architectural)

  9. Brian James

    My projects have always been C, L, A, I, S, M, P, E. Most of my projects had M & P coming from the same consulting firm.

  10. TDW

    I’ve always done it Civil, Landscape, Arch, ID, Structural, Mech, Elect, Plumbing, then anything else (Telecom, Food Service, Laundry, etc.). Everyone says “MEP”, so that’s the order I use. I’ve never once had a contractor or client question this or complain about it. That said, in reality it doesn’t matter what order the drawings are in.

  11. Arrow

    Architecture always comes first, as we are the most important… then structure and civil. The rest of these service engineering monkeys are just doing line diagrams and putting their detectors in the wrong place… their drawings are of little consequence so should be stuck at the back of the set in whatever order they arrive in your email box.

    • Robert

      Given that we produce 50 times as much information as the engineers, the architectural drawings are always first too. Civil (structural and plumbing) is usually half a dozen sheets. Electrical is usually last, hidden under a long lost take-out menu.

  12. Someone

    Civil & structural
    Fire Protection

  13. Darcy

    Not the way I actually order my sheets, but thanks to Ballast, what I memorized for the ARE was CLASP ME. Definitely a handy mnemonic!

  14. Ric

    We use the AIA format for the order of the sheets. Which shows (along with a lot of other rarely used items) G C L S A I P M E.